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The World's Best Platform for Automated Voice Messaging is also the Most Versatile!

Simple. Fast. Extremely Cost Effective. The Calling Cloud is the solution for a wide variety of customers, including:

Schools and Universities:

  • School cancellation notifications
  • Campus-wide emergency alerts
  • Parental notifications
  • Schedule changes

Political Organizations and Campaigns:

  • Massive robo-calling capacity
  • Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns
  • Polling place reminders
  • Town Hall Meeting invitations

Municipalities, Towns, Governments and Public Utilities:

  • Emergency notification system alerts
  • Evactuation alerts
  • Weather warnings
  • Utility interruption updates
  • Amber alerts


  • Client informational communications
  • Investor updates
  • Shipment and delivery notifications
  • Patient adherence and refill reminders
  • Past due notices
  • Insurance policy update notifications
  • Appointment reminders

Business may only call customers with whom they have an "existing business relationship." The Calling Cloud may not be used for any telemarketing or sales purposes. Please consult the Terms of Service by clicking the link below for additional details. Also consult applicable federal and state regulations regarding the delivery of recorded messages prior to beginning any campaign.

Terms of Service
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