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The World's Best Platform for Automated Voice Messaging is also the Least Expensive!

The Calling Cloud offers the most affordable and straight-forward pricing in the industry. Program costs are based on the size of your calling list, with huge volume discounts for larger universes!

Per-call charge Dialing List Size
$0.0325 0-50,000 Records
$0.0275 50,001-250,000 Records
$0.0250 250,001-500,000 Records
$0.0225 500,001-1,000,000 Records
$0.0200 1,000,001-2,500,000 Records
$0.0175 2,500,001+ Records

Based on 10 years' experience in the automated calling industry, we know that not all calls will result in messages delivered. Therefore WE ONLY CHARGE YOU FOR 88% OF YOUR LIST SIZE!

Pricing is based on message durations up to 45 seconds in length. For messages longer than 45 seconds - add 50% of the per-call charge for each additional 30 seconds in message duration.

Dialing List Sizes are for single-day calling programs.

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