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The World's Best Platform for Automated Voice Messaging is also the Most Powerful!

Need advanced features, like personalized messaging, branching voice surveys, and live agent transfers? Our patented variable data voice solution - PersoniCom - has got your covered!

Utilized for almost a decade by some of the largest businesses, organizations and political committees, PersoniCom provides the most innovative communications features available, including:

  • Personalized, targeted "variable data voice" messaging
  • Complex, branching voice surveys
  • Live agent transfers
  • SMS campaigns
  • Variable video
  • Voice messaging via email

To learn how PersoniCom can be leveraged to dramatically boost response rates and drive your audience to action, visit www.personicom.com today! Or Contact an Extended Data Solutions representative to schedule a PersoniCom demonstration, or request additional information regarding the PersoniCom solutions:

Email: personicom@extendeddata.com

Telephone: 1-800-501-3820.


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