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The World's Best Platform for Automated Voice Messaging is also the Easiest to Use!

Step 1 - Setup Your Program
Give your Calling Cloud program a name, specify the Caller ID number to broadcast and setup the start and end times. It's that easy! You'll also have options to capture "Do Not Call Requests."

Step 2 - Upload a List of Numbers to Dial
Uploading your phone numbers is a snap! Just create your list in Excel and save to a ".csv" file format. Simply select the file from your computer and The Calling Cloud automatically cleans up your data and removes and duplicate numbers.

Step 3 - Select Your Message to Deliver
The Calling Cloud allows you to quickly record a message in your own voice via our toll free dial-in system. Or, if you already have a saved message to use, just select and upload the audio file. You can even specify different messages to leave for live answers and voice mail systems. Reviewing your messages prior to sending is simple, and you can also send yourself a test call to make sure everything sounds just right!

Step 4- Approve and Launch Your Call
You will provide funding for your program based on the record count and message length. Click the Pricing button above for full details. Then, once you are satisfied that your message is perfect, jut hit "Start" and your calls will go out immediately. The Calling Cloud dials all of the phone numbers on your list and delivers your message. If a number is busy or no one answers, we will retry it again for free! With massive calling capacity of millions of calls per day, your calls will be done in no time!

For more details on any step, or to learn about real-time reporting features, click the FAQs button above.

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