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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose The Calling Cloud?
REASON #1 - PRICE: All things being equal, you want to choose the lowest cost provider for your calling programs. The Calling Cloud offers the lowest prices!
REASON #2 - PERFORMACE: Cloud-based, enterprise level system offers massive calling volumes with a simple-to-use, self-service interface.
REASON #3 - RELIABILITY: Utilizing top-tier, redundant cloud-based systems, The Calling Cloud is always available.
REASON #4 - EXPERIENCE: The Calling Cloud is a service of Extended Data Solutions, one of the most trusted providers of calling services since 2003.
REASON #5 - SERVICE: Whether you are a small school making student calls, or a Presidential candidate looking for the most advanced features available, you will get the same level of professional customer service.

How do I fund my account?
TheCallingCloud.com accepts credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Charges will show up on your statement as "Extended Data Solutions, Inc." To fund your account at any time, click on the Billing button. This will take you to the Account Balance and Payments screen, which also appears as you are comfiguring new programs.

How are my per-call prices determined?
Based on 10 years' experience in the automated calling industry, we know that not all calls will result in messages delivered. Therefore WE ONLY CHARGE YOU FOR 88% OF YOUR LIST SIZE!

Pricing is based on message durations up to 45 seconds in length. For messages longer than 45 seconds - add 50% of the per-call charge for each additional 30 seconds in message duration.

Dialing List Sizes are for single-day calling programs.

Are there any additional costs or fees?
The ONLY costs are for your calls. No other, hidden costs or fees!

What are the legal restrictions of delivering messages?
Yes! There are very specific federal and state regulations regarding the use of automatic dialing systems to send pre-recorded messages. Please consult with your attorney prior to using TheCallingCloud.com. A very good source of information on this topic is http://www3.dncsolution.com/marketing/reginfo/default.asp.

Does The Calling Cloud provide a "Do Not Call List"?
If you setup a calling program to capture "Do Not Call Requests" those numbers will automatically be scrubbed for future calls.

What geographic regions can I call with The Calling Cloud?
Only U.S. lower 48 states are available for calling..

What times of day can calls be delivered?
Please consult local, state and federal regulations regarding allowable calling times. In general NO calls can be made prior to 9am or past 9pm local times. A very good source of information on this topic is http://www3.dncsolution.com/marketing/reginfo/reginfo2.asp.

How many calls can I make per day?
Very, very large call lists can be contacted using The Calling Cloud. If you have over 2M records to contact in a single day, please contact us first!

How do I create my calling list in .csv format?
To create a .csv file using Microsoft Excel, open your spreadsheet, click File, Save As and select "CSV (Comma Delimited)". If any column is more than 255 characters, or there are more than 20 columns in the .csv, that data will be truncated.

How do I record my message?
To Dial in to Record messages, choose the option at the top of the screen and Dial (866)-520-7329 from your telephone. When prompted, enter the recording code specified on this screen. Listen to the prompts. If you would like to record a single message for both Live Answers and Answering Machines, press 1. If you would like to record different messages for each, press 2. Follow the voice prompts.

To Select Previously Used messages, select the option in the middle of the screen. You can click the Review Existing Messages button and then “Listen” to hear previously used messages. (Note: if the “Listen” button does not work on your computer, click the “Direct Link” on the right and the message will download and play). In the Live Message drop-down box, select the message to play for live answers. In the Machine Message drop-down box, select the message to play for machine answers. You can select a different message for each or the same for both Live and Machine.

To Upload Message Files from your computer, select the option at the bottom third of the screen, and click the Browse button. Select and audio file from your computer (in any standard audio format) and click Open. To use the same message for Machine answers, click the box to the left of “Use the "Live Message" for Answering Machines as well” or select a different message by clicking the browse button to the right of the Machine Message box. Click open once you select the file.

What audio formats can be used for pre-recorded messages?
Virtually ANY audio format can be used for messages in The Calling Cloud. The most commom formats are .wav files and MP3s, but if you can play it on your computer, it will work in The Calling Cloud!

What reports are available?
Call Detail and Call Summary Reports are available by clicking on the Reports button..

Can I pause or edit a calling campaing once it is launched?
Yes. From the Program Control Center, just click the Pause button to pause a program, to allow for edits or review of details. If you pause a program, you must click RESTART to resume dialing.

What happens with duplicate phone numbers?
Duplicate phone numbers are automatically removed from your list by The Calling Cloud, so no household is called twice with the same message..

Can I conduct voice surveys with The Calling Cloud?
Please contact us to setup an automated voice survey, from very basic decision trees to sophisticated, variable voice surveys with up to 40% response rates!.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?
Feel free to contact us at any time with further questions. thecallingcloud@extendeddata.com

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